Brussels must create 20,000 off-street parking spaces by 2026

Brussels must create 20,000 off-street parking spaces by 2026
Credit: Belga

By 2026, 20,000 off-street parking spaces, 10,000 secure bicycle parking spaces and 10,000 racks for placing bicycles for short periods of time must be created in the Brussels-Capital Region.

In addition to the parking spaces, the new management contract between Brussels and the Regional Parking Agency, signed on Tuesday, also provides for to offer its expertise to the Brussels municipalities in order to identify and set up specific drop zones for shared mobility vehicles.

"By developing 20,000 attractive parking spaces in the neighbourhoods for local residents and at the entrance to the city for commuters, will be a major lever for reclaiming public space," said Brussels Mobility Minister Elke Van den Brandt.

It will do so by developing parking facilities for all users: 10,000 secure bicycle parking spaces and 10,000 short-term bicycle parking spaces (such as racks). Additionally, it is also supporting the municipalities and the Region in the construction of drop-off zones for pedestrians and an international bus station.

"Together with STIB and Brussels Mobility, we are working to make our region attractive, convenient and intermodal," Van den Brandt said. "A neighbourhood with high-quality public spaces, attractive squares, wide pavements, private bus lanes, trees, playgrounds, pavement cafes, etc. On the way to a real city on a human scale."

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Additionally, the management agreement also aimed at "the implementation of a coherent and harmonised parking policy throughout the territory of the Region, by means of a reliable and efficient control and collection system."

A new key indicator should also help to improve the quality of parking controls. The aim is to reduce the number of parking charges cancelled because they were not issued correctly by at least half.

The contract also provides for an improvement in the quality of resources and procedures at, making it possible to integrate the control and collection orders of the municipalities that request it.

The aim is to convince as many municipalities as possible to entrust their parking policy to by 2026.

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