World Cup: No 'party zone' in Brussels centre for upcoming Morocco matches

World Cup: No 'party zone' in Brussels centre for upcoming Morocco matches
Morocco supporters celebrating the victory in Brussels centre, after winning the quarter final against Portugal. Credit: Belga/Nicolas Maeterlinck

A "party zone" will not be set up in Brussels city centre for Morocco's remaining matches in the World Cup, announced the Brussels-Capital/Ixelles police zone, refuting claims by Belgian newspaper La Dernière Heure this weekend.

Following every victory of Morocco's national team in the World Cup, elated supporters gathered on Boulevard Lemonnier and Boulevard du Midi in Brussels to celebrate. In order to avoid possible incidents following the outcome of Morocco's upcoming semi-final on Wednesday, a "party zone" would be set up in that area, La Dernière Heure reported.

But the Brussels police are officially denying this: "There will be no party zone for the Morocco match," a spokesperson said in a press statement on Monday morning.

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"Together with the other police zones and the federal police, we will again be visible at the various locations in the Brussels-Capital Region where supporters celebrate, as we have been doing for the past matches," the statement read.

"We are also in consultation with the large group of volunteers, the so-called 'green jackets,' who want to make these unique matches one big party without incident."

On Wednesday, Morocco confronts France in the semi-final at 20:00. If they lose that match, they will play the loser of the other semi-final (Argentina or Croatia) in the play-off for third place on Saturday at 16:00. In the event that Morocco beats France, they will play either Argentina or Croatia for the title of World Champion on Sunday at 16:00.

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