Fuse nightclub may permanently move to 'Palaces' under Midi Station

Fuse nightclub may permanently move to 'Palaces' under Midi Station
Credit: Denkraam/Fuse

Following a successful weekend-long rave in the so-called Palaces (or quadrilatères) underneath the Brussels Midi/Zuid Station to celebrate the birthday of Brussels' famous Fuse techno club, the nightclub is reportedly considering moving there permanently.

Fuse has submitted an application to bring new life to the empty spaces with monumental columns under the Midi/Zuid Station. A call for projects to make use of the area has been issued by Belgium's railway operator SNCB. Last weekend, tickets for the birthday rave underneath the station nearly sold out – which only strengthens the club's plans.

"If we were to choose a single word to describe this birthday, it would likely be 'inspiring.' A weekend packed with loud music and fleeting yet indelible moments," said the nightclub on social media.

Several politicians also went to the nightclub's birthday weekend; Philippe Close and Jean Spinette, mayors of Brussels City and Saint-Gilles, respectively, were both present at the rave, as was Brussels State Secretary for Urbanism and Heritage Pascal Smet.

"The Fuse should be alive and open," Close wrote on Twitter, accompanied by a photo with Spinette.

Smet added that "history will be written" about Fuse's birthday weekend, adding that "nightlife got a dose of hope" as the palaces under the stations opened for "an epic party."

Now, the question is whether last weekend's success could mean that the nightclub may permanently move to this location.

In terms of fire safety, the risk was "reduced to an absolute minimum," Fuse director Steven Van Belle told Bruzz, adding that the two days of partying were preceded by "many meetings with the fire brigade and security services."

Using the empty spaces

Still, that does not automatically mean the location will also pass a fire safety check for a permanent permit. But Smet highlighted the suitability of the location for use as a nightclub. Importantly, it would have a far lower risk of noise nuisance – which is the reason that the venue has had so many issues of late. It was briefly ordered to adapt its noise levels or close entirely earlier this year.

At its current location in the Marolles, Fuse is under pressure following neighbour complaints about noise levels. Brussels Environment then imposed stricter conditions on the nightclub, which were in turn overturned by the environmental college.

A taskforce is now looking into the matter.

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In the meantime, Fuse is keeping all options open and has informed the nightlife taskforce that it finds the palaces under the Brussels Midi/Zuid station an "interesting" place. It has submitted an application detailing plans for the area.

SNCB has been looking for a solution for the empty spaces for some time but proposed plans such as a market hall, bicycle shed or bus stop never came to fruition. No decision has been taken so far.

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