Brussels-Berlin night train: First departure from Midi station this week

Brussels-Berlin night train: First departure from Midi station this week
Photo by Gilles Rolland-Monnet on Unsplash

After a successful test drive, the European Sleeper's first night train will leave from Brussels to Berlin on Friday evening, the company announced on Monday.

The first passengers will board the night train from Brussels to Berlin at 19:22 at the Brussels Midi/South station and will arrive in Berlin the next morning around 09:00.

"This service is an important first step in building a more extensive network of sleeper trains from Belgium and the Netherlands," European Sleeper said in a press release.

In recent months, the availability of sleeper carriages has proved the greatest challenge. The service between Brussels and Berlin will start with hired carriages, but European Sleeper will "soon be investing in its own carriages with even more comfort, a modern feel and more privacy options."

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People can travel in different ways: a sleeping carriage (including your own bathroom and a desk), a reclining carriage (from €100) or a seating carriage (from €70). Women can also opt to sleep in a female-only compartment. The sleeping carriages are already fully booked until October.

The company highlighted other rail destinations that can integrate with the sleeper service to extend the options of continental rail travel: between London and Berlin (with a Eurostar connection in Brussels); Paris and Berlin (Thalys connection in Brussels), Brussels and Warsaw (via EuroCity connection in Berlin).

From 2024, the Brussels-Berlin train will extend to Dresden and the Czech capital Prague, as its final destination.

More information and tickets can be found on the European Sleeper website.

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