New round of renovations for Place Jourdan

New round of renovations for Place Jourdan
The recently renovated square was being drilled into again on Friday, only months after a year-long renovation project was completed. Credit: © Belga

Brussels' recently renovated Place Jourdan is being excavated again, only months after the square unveiled a new face after undergoing a year-long renovation project.

On Friday, a digger and a handful of construction workers were spotted drilling into the square's brand-new pavement, only months after the square was festively inaugurated by public authorities in February.

The workers were carrying out what is set to be the last stage of the square's 12-month-long revamp: the installation of benches throughout the now mostly-pedestrian esplanade.

"This will really be the final stage in the whole redevelopment [project] — it will be like the cherry on top," Marianne Hiernaux, a spokesperson for federal public works company Beliris, told The Brussels Times.

The benches were not installed earlier because a final decision had not been made on where they should go.

"Authorities agreed on paper on where the benches should be placed but they wanted to wait for the first events to take place to confirm their choice," Hiernaux said, referring to events like the weekly farmer's market that takes place in the Etterbeek square.

After all seven benches are installed, the transformation of Place Jourdan should be effectively concluded by the end of next week.

Gabriela Galindo

The Brussels Times

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