Search continues for 15-year-old missing in river

Search continues for 15-year-old missing in river
A search operation for a 15-year-old who fell into the river Ourthe (not pictured), in Angleurs, will continue on Thursday. Credit: © Belga

The search for a 15-year-old boy who fell into a river in Angleur will continue on Thursday after an hour of unsuccessful scouring the night before turned up no results.

The search was set to pick back up at around 10:00 AM, with emergency services deploying additional means such as a boat and sonar technology to double down on efforts to find the boy in the river Ourthe.

The 15-year-old is thought to have spent more than an hour underwater after he slipped into the river where he was walking with a group of friends at around 16:00 on Wednesday.

An intense search launched after the incident was reported saw the fire brigade and specialised divers scour the river banks and waters, a police helicopter flew over the area, but the currents in murky river of between three to four metres deep made the operation difficult.

At around 20:30 on Wednesday, the Liège fire brigade chief of operations, Christophe Greatti, told RTL Info that it was uncertain whether they would find the boy alive if he had been underwater for an hour.

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