Small e-scooter companies start to leave Brussels

Small e-scooter companies start to leave Brussels
Hive is one of several companies to announce their departure from Brussels. Credit: Hive Brussels/Facebook

The number of electric scooters that took Brussels by storm at the start of the summer is starting to dwindle, as some operators start to leave after competition proved too rough.

Some 7,000 e-scooters from different companies are thought to have arrived in Brussels at the start of the summer, after companies big and small brought their business to the capital.

But as the summer draws to a close, at least three companies said they would stop operating in the city, as Bruzz reports that operators Hive, Wind and Tier announced their departure.

Around 1,350 e-scooters have already been pulled from the city streets, and companies Troty and Birdy said they were considering whether to continue operating through the winter.

The companies in question do not explain the reason for the departure, the outlet reports, citing that competition with bigger operators like Lime was a possible explanation for their decision.

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