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Police deny presence of Legionella bacteria in barracks

Police have denied that Legionella bacteria was found in the De Witte De Haelen barracks, in Etterbeek. Credit: Google Street View

Federal police have denied that Legionella bacteria have been found in the showers of one of their barracks in Brussels, denouncing reports spread on local media as inaccurate.

In a statement on Thursday, police said that reports explaining that the showers of their barracks in Etterbeek could be contaminated with Legionella, a waterborne bacterium, were incorrect, according to BX1.

“The federal police takes the health and well-being of its staff very seriously and, therefore, regrets all information that could cause unjustified concerns and impact the working conditions,” the statement read.

According to the outlet, the police confirmed that a bacteria had indeed been found in the showers but that the problem had since been resolved and that it did not put staff’s health at risk.

The police’s response comes after inspections revealed that tap water in three federal barracks contained dangerous concentrations of lead, with measures announced on Thursday to solve the problem.

Gabriela Galindo
The Brussels Times