New accident in Brussels tunnel slows down city traffic

New accident in Brussels tunnel slows down city traffic
Two separate crashes in the Rogier tunnel impacted traffic throughout Brussels on Wednesday. Credit: Google Street View

Brussels traffic was impacted throughout Wednesday after a three-vehicle crash which shut down two tunnels during morning rush hour was followed by an additional accident hours later.

The morning accident, which saw two motorcycles collide with a vehicle in the Rogier tunnel, saw the latter close down to traffic together with the connecting Botanique tunnel.

As both tunnels were set to reopen, Brussels Mobility announced that a new accident had taken place, warning drivers at around 2:30 PM that traffic had slowed down considerably as a result.

The afternoon accident saw one motorist crash and block the middle lane of the Rogier tunnel, further slowing down traffic in and around the area, with Brussels mobility warning that areas as far as Porte de Hall and the Loi tunnel were impacted, according to Bruzz.

No serious injuries were reported in the morning accident, with one of the two motorcyclists brought to the hospital.

Public prosecutors were called to the scene after the car driver, who attempted to flee the scene, was found to be under driving under the influence.

Gabriela Galindo

The Brussels Times

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