Brussels building to be demolished after being ravaged by fire
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Brussels building to be demolished after being ravaged by fire

Two car pumps and two fire ladders were sent to the site. Credit: Stefan Vandenhende/Twitter

An empty building in Brussels North District which was ravaged by a fire on Monday will be preventatively demolished due to extensive damage.

Firefighters were called to the abandoned building in Schaerbeek’s Rue d’Aerschot at around noon on Monday, and sucessfully quenched the flames around two hours later.

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A team of firefighters remained on-site throughout the night to ensure that the fire would not reignite, and the building is set to be demolished on Tuesday, according to Walter Derieuw, spokesperson for the Brussels fire department, BX1 reports.

The fire released traces of asbestos from the building, with small particles of the hazardous and now banned building material also found on the sidewalk on Rue d’Aerschot.

The raging fire sent large plumes of smoke billowing above the skyline of northern Brussels and prompted the evacuation of ten people from the area near the building, located on a street running behind Gare du Nord.

Firefighters took around two hours to contain the flames, and stayed on-site overnight. Credit: Provided by fire department spokesperson Walter Deriuew.


With the building’s foundations destabilised by the fire, a total or partial demolition will be carried out by a specialised firm on Tuesday, Derieuw said, adding that the causes of the fire remained unknown.

To prevent more asbestos to be released into the air by the demolition, the firefighters will preventatively shower the building’s smoky remains ahead of the demolition.

Gabriela Galindo
The Brussels Times