France, Spain, Italy: Over 175,000 Belgians own a second home abroad

France, Spain, Italy: Over 175,000 Belgians own a second home abroad
Villa in Spain. Credit: Ralph Ravi Kayden at Unsplash

No fewer than 176,198 Belgians own property abroad and, among them, 20,746 own several second home, according to figures revealed by L'Echo and De Tijd on Saturday. France, Spain and Italy are the most popular countries for Belgians who own property abroad.

This data is available as Belgians who own property abroad have recently had to indicate the income of their propertise in their tax declaration.

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15,202 Belgians own two properties abroad, while 3,195 own three homes outside of Belgium. Of these, 121 owners have between ten and 20 properties, 31 Belgians own between 21 and 50. Finally, six Belgians are the happy owners of more than 50 properties abroad.

France most popular

France is the most popular country for these investments due to proximity, climate, nature and language. France accounts for 29% of Belgian property abroad, with Belgians owning 73,651 properties there.

The second most popular country is Spain, with 66,121 properties owned by Belgians, accounting for 26%. Spain has almost twice as many Belgian owners as the third most popular country, Italy with its 35,445 properties (13.9%) owned by Belgians.

Other countries show only small shares of the total of Belgians' property abroad: Portugal (3.62%), Greece (3.47%), Poland (2.08%), Germany (1.97%), Switzerland (1 .51%) and Romania (1.03%

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