Brussels galleries to hold open-door weekend

Brussels galleries to hold open-door weekend
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Over 40 Brussels galleries will hold in an open-door weekend on 20 and 21 June, from 11:00 AM to 7:00 PM, to mark their reopening, Brussels Gallery Weekend announced on Saturday.

Access to the participating galleries will be free of charge. Some are offering prospective visitors the possibility of reserving time slots for their visits, which will be done singly or in strictly limited numbers.

"Some galleries have begun to reopen a bit, like other small businesses, but most have come together to reopen from 20-21 June with a view to doing something in common," Brussels Gallery Weekend Director Sybille du Roy explained.

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”This Brussels Gallery Weekend is thus a special post-lockdown event that enables us to mark the occasion. Many galleries will feature local artists.”

During the lockdown linked to the new coronavirus pandemic, many galleries ran online expositions and interviews with artists. “Contemporary art galleries are essential engines of cultural life in Belgium, like theatres and cinemas,” gallery owner Rodolphe Janssen said. “Our role is not only to sell and defend our artists but also to allow thousands of visitors to discover contemporary Belgian and international art each year.”

Galleries usually close for two to three weeks in summer, then reopen in September with a special programme for Brussels Gallery Weekend, held each year on the weekend of 3 September to mark the start of the new season.

This year’s edition, the 13th, will be kept on 3-6 September with an adapted formula: 4 long days instead of one evening and three long days.

The Generation Brussels exposition, which showcases emerging artists, will leave the Vanderborght Building and go to various show windows and public places in different communes, thus enabling visitors to discover young creations along an outdoor itinerary that will guide them from gallery to gallery.

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