Over 30 million coronavirus cases reported worldwide

Over 30 million coronavirus cases reported worldwide
Credit: Belga

A total of 30,000,062 cases of Covid-19 have been reported worldwide since the start of the pandemic, according to a count by AFP, and the number of deaths linked to the new coronavirus now stands at 943,086.

The figures are likely an underestimation of the real number of infections, as some countries only test severe cases or symptomatic cases and many countries have a limited testing capacity.

More than half of the 30 million cases are in the United States, India and Brazil, the three most affected countries with 6,650,570 infections (197,364 deaths), 5,118,253 cases (83,198 deaths) and 4,419,083 cases (134,106 deaths) respectively.

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In terms of regions, Latin America has the most infections with 8,484,443 cases and 316,827 deaths. It is followed by Asia (6,861,965 cases, 120,334 deaths), with the United States and Canada in third place (nearly 6.8 million cases and 206,602 deaths).

After that come Europe (4,700,387 infections and 223,849 deaths), the Middle East (1,750,232 cases and 41,254 deaths), Africa (1,381,036 cases and 33,324 deaths) and Oceania (30,890 infections and 896 deaths).

Belgium, for its part, counted 97,976 cases and 9,936 deaths as of Friday, according to official figures by the Sciensano public health institute.

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