East Flanders’ governor warns against easing coronavirus measures

East Flanders’ governor warns against easing coronavirus measures
Credit: Mohamed Ridouani/Twitter screengrab

As coronavirus infections doubled in one week in East-Flanders' main city, Ghent, the province's governor, Carina Van Cauter, is urging the government to not ease the current measures during today's Consultative Committee.

Although many politicians are calling on the government to relax some measures, the figures are still too bad at the moment, Van Cauter said on Radio 1’s ‘De Ochtend’.

"The figures are clear. We have 303 infections per 100,000 inhabitants. There are 354 patients in our hospitals, of whom 71 are in intensive care. If we compare that to September, we are at 40% of the peak in the autumn,” she said.

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There is really no room for easing up, she said, instead arguing that a change in behaviour is necessary, as this slowly increasing trend is visible in all provinces.

She warned that another doubling of infection in the next 20 days could bring Belgium into a third wave, which the University Hospital of Ghent also warned on Thursday.

Van Cauter said she also pleads for some perspective to support people’s motivation, but said the figures are clear now.

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