Cinemas will require Covid Safe Ticket from Friday

Cinemas will require Covid Safe Ticket from Friday
Credit: Belga

The Covid Safe Ticket (CST) will be required to attend cinemas across Belgium from Friday, which marks the start of the autumn holidays, the Federation of Belgian Cinemas (FCB) said in a statement on Wednesday.

This decision comes the day after the Consultative Committee (Codeco) extended the Covid Safe Ticket throughout Belgium from 1 November, Belga News Agency reports.

In the interest of safety for cinemagoers and staff, "the Federation of Cinemas has decided to standardise the measures for the whole country and to require the CST in all cinemas in the country," the statement reads.

The CST will be checked "for each screening, regardless of the number of visitors,"  and masks will not be required after the CST has been checked.

The FCB, which represents the main cinema operators in Belgium, believes that this clear rule "will allow the public to remove their mask as soon as they have passed the CST check and to fully enjoy the film and the snacks and drinks in the cinema".

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