Belgian supermarkets record half a billion euros extra sales

Belgian supermarkets record half a billion euros extra sales
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Belgian supermarkets have recorded additional sales estimated at €506 million since the beginning of the coronavirus crisis.

Compared to last year, the growth is 10%, reported specialist magazine Gondola on Thursday, based on figures from the market research institute Nielsen Belgium.

Alcohol sales are also rising sharply. Under normal circumstances, many Belgians cross the border to buy their alcohol abroad at a lower price, but due to the border closures, alcohol sales in Belgium were boosted by 13%.

“The biggest losers are the health and beauty categories, where specialist shops have had to close, leading to a drop in sales of just over 90%,” said Gondola.

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Sales of cleaning products and hygiene products have also increased sharply since the start of the health crisis. However, for certain products, such as toilet paper or frozen food, there is a “destocking” effect. Sales of these products are now down again, after Belgians massively stocked up on them in the first days of the lockdown.

Additionally, consumers are spending less time in shops and therefore less time choosing a product as they are concerned about their safety and health, according to the Nielsen Institute.

High-end products are also being bought more during the containment, but this trend should not continue, according to the Nielsen Institute, as the consumers’ purchasing power is likely to suffer for some time from the crisis.

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