Man who stabbed mayor of Bruges to be examined by psychiatrist
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Man who stabbed mayor of Bruges to be examined by psychiatrist

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The man who attacked the mayor of Bruges, Dirk De fauw, with a knife last Saturday, will be examined by a psychiatrist.

The man’s motives remain unclear, as he still refuses to talk. The man remains under arrest for at least another month, confirmed the Council Chamber, which also decided that the man will undergo a psychiatric evaluation, reports VRT.

De fauw had to undergo surgery, but survived the attack, which left him with a wound 14cm long requiring 24 stitches.

As a lawyer, De fauw was the executor of the man’s property, meaning he managed his money, because the man was unable to do so himself. He was reportedly a long-standing client who has suffered psychological problems.

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The two had an appointment last Saturday, but when the man arrived, he tried to cut the mayor’s throat with a paring knife. De fauw’s driver was able to take him to the hospital immediately after the attack.

The attacker fled, but was arrested a little later the same day.

“I was lucky it was only a paring knife,” De fauw told VRT from his hospital bed. “If it had been a bigger knife, I probably wouldn’t be here speaking to you. Last night I saw the images [of the scene] in my mind, and I thought how much worse it could have been.”

Given the gravity of the attack, and the apparent intent to cut the mayor’s throat that was only thwarted by the choice of weapon, he has been charged with attempted murder, reports Het Laatste Nieuws.

Maïthé Chini
The Brussels Times