Heatwave: code red declared for most of Belgium

Heatwave: code red declared for most of Belgium
Credit: Belga

Due to the extreme heat, Belgium’s Royal Meteorological Institute (RMI) is declaring code red for most of Belgium as of Saturday.

Code red requires everyone to “take action to bring yourself, others and, if possible, your possessions to safety and follow government advice strictly.”

On Friday, code orange already applied in all provinces, with the exception of the coast. From Saturday, however, this will be scaled up to code red for a large part of Belgium. Only in the province of Luxembourg (code orange) and on the coast (yellow) will a lower warning level apply.

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The RMI expects temperatures to rise to 36 or 37 degrees this weekend in the interior of the country.

At such very high temperatures, it is important to drink regularly and eat easily digestible food, dress more lightly, spend the day in cooler areas, keep windows and doors closed and monitor your health, according to the RMI.

The warning code remains valid until Monday, but can be extended if necessary.

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