Crisis Centre: tips to avoid coronavirus this school year

Crisis Centre: tips to avoid coronavirus this school year
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As the new school year has started, health officials gave some tips to children and parents to make sure they stay safe before, during and after school, at a press conference on Wednesday.

"Pupils, teachers and parents must keep a close eye on the hygiene measures," said Yves Stevens, spokesperson for the National Crisis Centre. Outside of the school walls, the measures still remain in force, both for pupils and parents, he stressed.

"The school area can be busy right before or after school. Parents should also wear a mask when dropping off and picking up their children. Avoid socialising with other parents at the school gates, and respect that distance of 1.5 metres," he said.

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For students in secondary schools, who have to wear a face mask during class, it is important that they take a small plastic bag that can be sealed to school with them. Thay way, they can store their mask in when they are not wearing them, such as during lunch. Pupils should wash their hands often while at school, and keep sufficient distance from others.

It is also advisable to have several fabric masks at home, so they can be washed when necessary.

On public transport, wearing a face mask is mandatory for children from 12 years old, Stevens reminded pupils who go to school independently.

Lastly, pupils coming home after school should wash their hands first, before they grab a snack or do anything else. "A healthy routine that protects us all," Stevens said.

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