New increase in infections is ’cause for concern’, expert warns

New increase in infections is ’cause for concern’, expert warns
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Belgian infectious disease expert Erika Vlieghe warned that the nearly 10% increase in coronavirus infections this week is “cause for concern,” but she is not surprised.

“If you open up more segments of society, as has happened in recent months, you increase the chance that people will meet and infect each other,” Vlieghe said on Radio 1 on Monday evening.

Compared to last week, the number of coronavirus infections in Belgium has increased by almost 10%, to 470 new cases per day.

“Traditionally, many people come back from holidays at the end of August,” Vlieghe said, adding that some may have brought an “unwanted present” from a country or area where there is more virus than in Belgium.

“Additionally, the schools have opened in the meantime, which means that there are many more young people who come into contact with each other. In the classroom, it is not so bad, because everyone keeps enough distance and wears a mask. On the playground, however, many young people flock together and the safety measures are not followed too closely,” she said.

Wearing a face mask in places where many people gather, keeping the necessary distance and wearing a face mask remain the most important measures that we have to beat the virus, Vlieghe stressed.

Maïthé Chini
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