Launch of Belgian coronavirus tracing app delayed

Launch of Belgian coronavirus tracing app delayed
Credit: Belga

The launch of Belgium's contact tracing app has been postponed by a week as the developers are still waiting for Europe's opinion, confirmed Karin Moykens of the Interfederal Committee Testing & Tracing.

"The intention is that the Belgian app will also be able to 'communicate' with, for example, the Dutch and German app, but Europe still has to look into this," Moykens said.

The final stage of development has been completed, Moykens emphasised. Following the feedback of 80 test persons, a final, official version is now being developed, which will be tested by some 10,000 people, reports the Belga press agency.

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"We have asked each region to look for volunteers, who will use the app in real-time," said Moykens. "These could be hospital staff, police forces or supermarket chain employees."

Europe's advice is not expected until 17 September. Only then can the test phase, which will last ten days, begin.

If everything goes according to plan, the app will be available to the general public in the week of 28 September.

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