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King refuses resignation of appointed government formers

Credit: Belga

On Monday, Belgium’s King Philip refused the resignation of the pre-formers Egbert Lachaert and Conner Rousseau, who he appointed to find a federal government, the Royal Palace announced.

Around 5:00 PM on Monday, the duo had arrived to give the King what was to be the final report of their mission. However, they proposed their resignation after a crisis meeting of the seven parties (socialists PS and sp.a, liberals MR and Open Vld, greens Ecolo and Groen, and Christian democrats CD&V) who were negotiating a coalition agreement.

“The King refused their resignation and asked them to continue their task,” the Palace said. At the same time, the King asked “all parties concerned to restore confidence as soon as possible.”

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The duo is therefore responsible for continuing their work of forming a new federal government, which will have to replace the current minority government of Prime Minister Sophie Wilmès.

Lachaert and Rousseau are expected at the Palace again for a new report “no later than Wednesday 23 September.”

Theoretically, this gives the seven parties time find even ground, knowing that they have agreed to put a government declaration on the Parliament’s agenda on 1 October.

The Brussels Times