Heavy rainfall expected throughout Belgium on Monday

Heavy rainfall expected throughout Belgium on Monday
Credit: Belga

Several parts of Belgium will see between 20 and 40 l/m2 (litres per square metre) of rainfall in the next 24 hours, the Royal Meteorological Institute (RMI) warned on Monday.

The RMI has issued a code yellow for rain for the whole country except for the province of West Flanders, meaning that intense showers or persistent rain are expected, which can lead to local flooding in regions that are sensitive to it and can cause traffic to be hindered locally.

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The Federal Public Home Affairs Service (FPS Home Affairs) has temporarily activated the emergency number 1722. That number is activated preventively when a storm or flood is announced, as was the case with Storm Odette.

The number's purpose is to ensure that the main emergency number, 112, is not overloaded and that people who are in mortal danger are not kept waiting.

The heavy rainfall is expected to head towards Germany from Tuesday.

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