France could be entirely ‘red’ by next week, Sciensano warns

France could be entirely ‘red’ by next week, Sciensano warns
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France could be entirely classified as a “red” travel zone for Belgians as of next week, inter-federal spokesman Yves Van Laethem warned during a press briefing on the state of the pandemic.

This news comes as more and more regions in Europe are being classified as a “red zone” by the authorities, meaning that travel is “strictly inadvisable” because of the spread of the coronavirus.

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As it stands, only five countries in the European Union still have green zones for travellers from Belgium, where they can go without coronavirus restrictions, according to the Ministry for Foreign Affairs. All other zones on the map are coloured orange or red.

For France, where more and more regions are turning red, Belgian authorities are considering the future. “If the situation deteriorates further next week, it is quite possible that the whole of France will go into the red,” Van Laethem said.

Some countries have already been placed entirely in the red zone: the Czech Republic, Romania, Luxembourg and Malta. This is also the case for Iceland as of this Friday.

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