Leuven tightens measures: restaurants close early, public drinking ban

Leuven tightens measures: restaurants close early, public drinking ban
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The city of Leuven is the first city in Flanders to take additional measures on top of the federal measures announced last Tuesday to curb the spread of the coronavirus on its territory.

From Monday 12 October, restaurants in Leuven will have to close at 11:00 PM, like bars and cafés. For restaurants, however, the measure is only in force during the week.

"They may remain open until 1:00 AM on Fridays and Saturdays," Leuven mayor Mohamed Ridouani said on Flemish radio. "By doing this, we prevent people from moving from bars to restaurants during the week to continue drinking."

The consumption of alcohol in public will also be banned after 10:00 PM, he said.

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In sports complexes, the changing rooms will be closed again, including in the city's after-school sports infrastructure. Only in swimming pools, the changing rooms remain open, but the city advises to already put on your swimwear at home.

Additionally, everyone from 12 years old will have to wear a face mask on Leuven's cemeteries from Saturday 24 October to Sunday 8 November.

"In the two weeks around All Saints' Day and All Souls' Day, the cemeteries are often too crowded, so keeping a distance is not always possible. Wearing a mask also protects visitors who fall into a high-risk group," Ridoauni said.

On top of that, the city stresses the importance of adhering to Belgium's general measures, and the 6 golden rules.

"Meet with a maximum of three close contacts, do not invite more than four people into your home. Keep your distance, wear a face mask, and wash and disinfect your hands on a regular basis," he added.

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