‘Selfishness is the virus’ greatest ally’, says Crisis Centre
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‘Selfishness is the virus’ greatest ally’, says Crisis Centre

Credit: Belga

Belgium’s Crisis Centre warned people against acting selfishly and flouting the coronavirus measures, during a press conference on Wednesday.

People who ignore the measures put in place allow the individual to take precedence over public health, according to Crisis Centre spokesperson Yves Stevens. “I have a clear message for these people: selfishness is the virus’ greatest ally.”

“You would think that, by now, it is clear to everyone that the situation is very dramatic,” Stevens said. “And yet, we see that there are still people who are questioning the seriousness of the situation, and worse still, who flout the measures.”

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Not respecting the rules will lead to even more chaotic situations than Belgium is already experiencing right now. “Solidarity and a sense of responsibility are the only right response to this situation,” he added.

“Your behaviour today will determine whether your family members, friends or yourself will get the necessary care tomorrow,” Stevens said.

He stressed that the healthcare sector has not yet fully recovered from the first wave, and is already dealing with the second one.

“However, their efforts are not endless either, and a hospital bed only fits one patient,” he warned. “The only way to avoid an implosion of the healthcare sector is to limit our social contacts as much as possible. It is as simple as that.”

Maïthé Chini
The Brussels Times