Don't ruin 4 weeks of progress in 4 days, Belgian PM warns

Don't ruin 4 weeks of progress in 4 days, Belgian PM warns
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One day ahead of the Consultative Committee, Belgium's Prime Minister Alexander De Croo has made it clear in the House that no major relaxations should be expected for the holiday period.

"We must not ruin the progress of the last four weeks in four days," De Croo said. "If we make the wrong decision tomorrow, we will see the consequences after. Then people who should not have died will die."

A large majority of the population understands that the winter holidays will have to be celebrated with fewer people this year, according to him.

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"The Christmas period is potentially very dangerous, and we should not create any more pain," De Croo said, adding that the long-term coronavirus policy should be evaluated.

About the possible reopening of shops, he hinted at a cautious relaxation. "It will be a task for many to ensure that, if there is an opening, it can take place in a safe way. That will require a lot from the shopkeepers and the local authorities," De Croo said.

"Thousands of people will have an empty chair at the table, a chair belonging to someone we have lost in recent months," he said. "I would not want there to be any more empty chairs next Christmas, because we are unable to do what is necessary."

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