Police raid 42 person 'maskless' party in Antwerp

Police raid 42 person 'maskless' party in Antwerp
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Around 40 people are facing a hefty fine after police broke up a massive family party in a small town near Antwerp, where nobody was wearing a mask.

Police were called to Lille, in the municipality of Turnhout, on Sunday after a passer-by noticed a lot of movements in a house in the town, and called the police.

Entering the house, police found 42 adults and a few children, all in breach of current coronavirus measures. Not a single member of the group - which was scattered throughout the house and garden - was wearing a mask.

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"You've had a few lockdown parties in Turnhout, but in a city you expect that, rather than in a rural town like Lille," said the mayor of Lille, Marleen Peeters "What shocks me the most is the size of the group. Forty adults, that's not nothing."

An official report was drawn up by the police, which could lead to fines of up to €750 for attending a lockdown party.

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