‘We know where to find you’: Ostend mayor threatened at home

‘We know where to find you’: Ostend mayor threatened at home
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Ostend mayor Bart Tommelein’s wife found a threatening letter in the mailbox of their private home, warning “We know where to find you. Signed, the Gang of Ostend.”

“I don’t shy away from entering into a debate or dialogue with people,” Tommelein told Het Laatste Nieuws. “But leave my family alone.”

He was especially disturbed that the letter was sent to his private home where his youngest two children, who are nine and 14 years old, could have just as easily been the ones to find it in the mailbox.


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“Leaving such anonymous messages in someone’s private home is a very cowardly act. I have no other words for it. I also don’t know what they want to achieve with this. I can only tear that text up and throw it in the wastebasket. I can’t even take it to the police.”

Earlier this week, the private home of Prime Minister Alexander De Croo was defaced with swastikas, making this the second time in one week that a Belgian politician was threatened at their private residence.

Helen Lyons
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