'Expected equal treatment': amusement parks could appeal to Council of State

'Expected equal treatment': amusement parks could appeal to Council of State
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Belgium’s amusement parks are considering an appeal to the Council of State against a decision taken by the Consultative Committee on Friday to keep their doors closed while allowing zoos to reopen.

Speaking on behalf of members of the Association of Belgian Amusement Parks, Belgoparks, Plopsa Group CEO Steve Van den Kerkhof, described the decision as unfair, and regretted the fact that there were no prospects for the reopening of their businesses.

"We cannot understand why animal parks are allowed to open, but not amusement parks,” Van den Kerkhof said. “We expected equal treatment.”

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The amusement parks further complain of a lack of communication. “If a decision is taken on amusement parks in the Netherlands or Germany, we receive at least a phone call on the subject,” Van den Kerkhof said. “In Belgium, we are given no explanation and that causes misunderstandings.”

Belgian amusement parks also want to know when they can expect to be allowed to reopen. “We need time to prepare for a reopening,” the Plopsa CEO explained.

“We would like to reopen by the Easter holidays, but even that prospect is not being given to us,” he added. “We cannot continue like this. Some amusement parks have already lost over €10 million. For the Plopsa parks, that represents over €20 million in lost turnover.”

Belgoparks’ members are waiting for the Ministerial Decree related to Friday’s decision to be published before deciding whether to file a petition with the Council of State.

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