600 tonnes of salt were spread in Brussels since Sunday

600 tonnes of salt were spread in Brussels since Sunday
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As the snowfall continues and the temperatures keep dropping, Brussels is hoping to combat increasingly slippery roads with 600 tonnes of salt that have been spread onto the streets since Sunday morning

It seems to be working.

“There was a vehicle with a breakdown in the Crown Tunnel during the morning rush hour and an accident at five in the morning. Except for these two incidents, it was a quiet Monday morning,” Inge Paemen of Brussels Mobility told Bruzz.

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In Flanders, the wintery weather in Belgium resulted in a heavy rush hour with up to 200 kilometres of delays counted at the peak, around 8:00 AM.

Despite the consistent snowfall, which is predicted to continue into tonight- with the cold temperatures lasting even longer – Brussels didn’t see similar traffic chaos.

Paeman said that having so many people working from home during these coronavirus times likely played a role.

In addition to the 600 tonnes of salt, 40,000 litres of brine were applied to the roads.

Helen Lyons
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