Belgians will start to receive letters to get vaccinated from March

Belgians will start to receive letters to get vaccinated from March

Between March and June, Belgian citizens will receive a three-page long letter invitation to get vaccinated.

The document will contain a unique code of 33 letters and numbers, Het Belang van Limburg reports. “It's a system quite similar to the call for a Covid test,” chair of the vaccination task force, Dirk Ramaekers said. "A lot of work has been devoted to this letter" he said.

The 94 vaccination centres in Belgium will be operational from next week. Nursing staff will first be a priority, then from March, it will be the turn of the general population, starting with those over 65 and patients at risk.

Belgians will be invited to be vaccinated in three different ways: by letter, e-mail and SMS. Email addresses and mobile numbers are provided by the government from health insurance funds.

The letter will include an e-ticket on the first page with a bar and QR code, and a link to the website where one can register. Citizens must also take this page with them to the vaccination centre. On the second page, the exact time is indicated when the person is expected at the vaccination center. There will be two dates: for the first and second injection. The last page contains practical information about the vaccination itself.

Anyone who receives a letter is asked to register and confirm the appointment at a web address in the letter, using the personal code given. The letter also includes a telephone number to the centre, in case citizens need to enquire or want more information.

Those who cannot make it to the appointment will be invited to make another. People who do not want to be vaccinated should also let the centre know, so that the dose can be given to someone else.

About 365,000 vaccinations against Coronavirus have been administered in Belgium so far, the national Vaccination Task Force stated on Saturday, adding that Belgium can administer about 58,750 first doses of Pfizer, and 4,600 doses of Moderna each week without jeopardizing the injection of a second dose.

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