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Belgium continues to see far fewer traffic jams

Credit: Pixabay

Traffic congestion was 73% lower in the Brussels region for the beginning of February compared to 2019, a coronavirus-related trend felt elsewhere throughout Belgium.

The Belgian capital is seeing far fewer traffic jams as a result of so many people working from home or otherwise staying off the roads, reports Bruzz, and the effect is also seen in Flanders.

There was a 37% reduction in the Flemish region from Monday to Friday last week, compared to the same period in 2019 before the outbreak of Covid-19 in Europe.


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In Antwerp, the congestion rate was 68% lower for the beginning of February compared to 2019.

Ghent is the only region that’s actually seen higher amounts of traffic than expected, largely due to road construction in the area. Still, its traffic was down by about 13%.

Another factor contributing to the decrease in traffic for early February could also be the severe winter weather.

Helen Lyons
The Brussels Times