Belgium warns against fake Russian vaccines

Belgium warns against fake Russian vaccines
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Belgium's National Crisis Centre is warning people for several fake Covid-19 vaccines, most of which are seemingly Russian, that are being offered for sale, health officials said during a press conference on Tuesday.

As Belgium's vaccination campaign is picking up steam, going "back to normal" will only be possible when 70% of the population - the threshold for herd immunity - has been vaccinated, according to Sabine Stordeur of the federal vaccination taskforce.

"However, we would like to warn you about fake vaccines that are being offered, apparently mostly Russian ones," she said. "These have not been properly tested for safety and efficacy."

"We advise everyone not to buy these vaccines, not on the street or in a shop, but not online either," stressed Stordeur.

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She pointed out that people can only get a safe and effective vaccine in a residential care centre, hospital or vaccination centre, adding that they are free of charge.

Belgium's information campaign about vaccination will keep running via websites and social media until everyone has been vaccinated, according to Stordeur

As the aim is to reach everyone, it will be rolled out in different languages, and will be tailored to different target groups, to make sure that everyone has access to the correct information.

"The latest information can also be found via," she added.

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