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In Brussels flat without heat, firepit led to CO poisoning

Credit: Belga

A Brussels man from the Anderlecht neighbourhood was taken to the hospital for CO2 poisoning after residents of his flat used a firepit to warm themselves because the heat wasn’t working.

Emergency services were called in around 8 PM yesterday because someone was feeling unwell in the apartment building by Square Albert Ier.

When they arrived at the scene, the ambulance driver’s CO alarm went off immediately. The flat had to be ventilated and the Brussels fire brigade was called.


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“There appeared to be a problem with the heating system in the flat, and the residents decided to warm themselves with a firepit,” fire brigade spokesperson Walter Derieuw told Bruzz. “The victim was taken to hospital, but was not in critical condition.”

The Brussels fire brigade advises strongly against the use of a fire pit in closed spaces.

“We also reiterate the importance of having a compliant appliance installed by a licensed technician, regular maintenance and mandatory inspection by a competent person, and the provision of ventilation and fresh air,” said Derieuw. “Proper removal of combustion gases is also paramount.”

Helen Lyons
The Brussels Times