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Brussels police shut down two parties in parks

European Parliament building Credit: / Sophie Voituron

Two different parties held in Brussels parks over the weekend were shut down by police.

The first gathering had over one hundred people dancing to loud music in Forest Park on Saturday, reports Bruzz. The second, similar party took place in the Parc de Bruxelles on Sunday, in the center of Brussels.

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“Our teams discovered that a lot of people had gathered in Forest Park on Saturday evening,” Kathleen Calie, spokesman for the Brussels-South police zone, told Bruzz.

“When the agents arrived on the scene, the gathering was immediately stopped. Most people left the park without any problems, but two party goers were uncooperative and were administratively arrested,” HLN reports.

More people were gathering outside this weekend as a result of the unusually pleasant weather.

It is not yet clear whether any arrests were made at the second gathering.

Helen Lyons
The Brussels Times