Police break up lockdown party in Antwerp, violators 'verbally aggressive'

Police break up lockdown party in Antwerp, violators 'verbally aggressive'
Credit: Belga/Jasper Jacobs

Police in Antwerp broke up a lockdown party with 14 attendees last night, and some of the partygoers became verbally aggressive with officers and refused to put on face masks.

While responding to a noise complaint regarding a flat in the city center, police saw the silhouettes of several people present from the street, according to HLN. Music was able to be heard from a considerable distance, along with voices that were reduced to a whisper once they became aware of the police’s presence.

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A resident who answered the door denied that a party was going on, but a search of the house revealed 13 other people hiding in a closet, a basement, an inner courtyard, and under a blanket on the floor.

Seven of the people were lying flat on their stomachs on a nearby roof, attempting to avoid detection.

“14 people have been identified despite the verbal aggression that was involved,” the Antwerp police told HLN. “Some tried to prevent an official report from being drawn up and even refused to put on a face mask at the request of the police.”

Two of the people present were minors, who had to be picked up by their parents.

Helen Lyons

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