Wedding party broken up at Zellaer Castle

Wedding party broken up at Zellaer Castle
Credit: Uihere

A 40-person wedding party at the Zellaer Castle near Mechelen was broken up by police after people hiking in the area notified them of the event, which violates current coronavirus measures regarding large gatherings.

“It was mainly about people from Mechelen who used the term 'photoshoot' way too broadly,” said Lode Van Looy, the mayor of Bonheiden in the province of Antwerp, where the castle is located. “It seemed as though a party was going on.”

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While it was apparently supposed to be a group of people taking photos for a wedding, Nieuwsblad reports that hikers said there was a DJ playing music and drone filming the event.

When police arrived, many of the guests ran away.

“About forty people gathered together at the Zellaer Castle," Lieselotte Claessens from the Mechelen prosecutor’s office told Nieuwsblad. "Of these, 25 were identified and recorded, some of them fled.”

Violators will likely be fined.

Helen Lyons

The Brussels Times

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