Loophole allows Belgians to know which vaccine they will receive

Loophole allows Belgians to know which vaccine they will receive
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A loophole in the Belgian vaccination plan reveals which vaccine citizens will receive.

Three different vaccines are currently being administered in Belgium; Pfizer’s, Moderna’s and AstraZeneca’s. The three have different efficacy rates, with data for the first two showing 90% efficacy, and AstraZeneca currently having a lower rate (new data to be published), but the Belgian vaccine plan will not allow citizens the option to choose which one they will receive.

However some Belgians will be able to know. According to Nieuwsblad, people who confirm their appointment online after receiving their invitation by SMS or post, can see which vaccine they will be administered. Information that has been confirmed by Flanders Health agency, Zorg en Gezondheid.

Although the loophole comes as a surprise to the authorities, it will not be corrected.

"People who carefully follow the information about vaccination can guess which vaccine they will receive based on their invitation letter," a spokesperson for the Agency said.

The letter contains two pieces of information: “A date for the first dose and a date for the second dose.” Since the time required between doses differs between different coronavirus vaccines, it is possible to deduce which vaccine will be administered.

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