20% fewer vaccines available in Brussels this week

20% fewer vaccines available in Brussels this week
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The Brussels Joint Community Commission will carry out 30,400 vaccinations this week, which is one fifth less than those available last week.

The lower availability is due to the announced decrease in the supply of the Astrazeneca vaccine, according to Inge Neven, head of the hygiene inspection service of the Brussels bicommunal institution.

In the past week, the nine Brussels vaccination centres have carried out 35,000 vaccinations out of the 38,000 doses announced, which is much more than in previous weeks.

According to Neven, the number of doses and therefore of available vaccination slots will rise again in a week's time to 43,040 due to the increased number of vaccines promised by Pfizer.

At cruising speed, the ten Brussels centres will have a capacity of 80,000 doses per week.

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So far, 166,000 doses have been administered in the capital, of which nearly 122,000 were first doses and just over 44,000 were second doses.

The vaccination rate in Brussels is 60%, “which is not huge,” said Inge Neven, who concedes that there is still resistance from people when it comes to getting vaccinated despite the awareness-raising that is being carried out, including at individual level.

Last week, the waiting lists for appointments were opened to applicants aged 72 and over, and this week they will be opened to those aged 69 and over with or without an invitation. From next week, we will start with 65+.

Subject to approval of the required legal framework on 2 April, vaccination of people with risk factors aged 18-64 will begin on 6 April, Neven said.

It is possible to check one's own status via a website.

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