STIB to stop French announcements on services in Flanders

STIB to stop French announcements on services in Flanders
Credit: STIB

The announcement system in vehicles from the Brussels public transport company STIB will be adapted once vehicles cross the border into Flanders to only be made in Dutch, according to Flemish Mobility Minister Lydia Peeters.

In line with the system already implemented by Flemish bus company De Lijn and rail company SNCB, bilingual announcements will be made in the Brussels Region, and only Dutch announcements will be made in Flanders, where French-language announcements will not appear.

Peeters made this announcement in response to a question from Flemish MP Inez De Coninck, who said that “at the moment, the announcements on the STIB buses are always bilingual, even on Flemish territory, and that has to change.”

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“If the language law requires us to do so,  we will of course implement these changes,” An Van hamme, spokesperson for STIB told The Brussels Times, however, no decision has been made on the timing to implement these changes.

The public transport company services 11 municipalities across the border in Flanders, including Kraainem and Tervuren.

Lauren Walker

The Brussels Times

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