‘Show will go on’: Brussels theatre to open its doors end-April with or without relaxations

‘Show will go on’: Brussels theatre to open its doors end-April with or without relaxations
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The Royal Flemish Theatre (KVS) in Brussels has said it will be opening its door on 26 April for audiences of up to 50 people, even if the coronavirus fighting measures are not relaxed to allow such events.

Arguing that people are in need of connection and that culture is essential in giving this to people, its artistic director Michael De Cock said on Radio 1 that culture can be part of the solution, rather than being a problem.

“What frustrates me is that, even after a year of this crisis, we always focus on what cannot be done and not on what can be done. We need to look at how culture, which is essential to many people, can be a way to contribute to a possible solution,” he said.

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Open-air theatre performances were expected to be allowed for audiences of up to 50 people as part of the outdoor relaxations planned for April, but these were postponed following an increase in new coronavirus cases in the country.

However, in just over two weeks, the theatre will open its door, as was confirmed on its website, without waiting for the official relaxing of measures.

The Tweet reads: "From 26 April, you can come to see Jonathan at a safe distance from each other. The cultural sector is tired of waiting."

De Cock is convinced that this can be done in a safe way: "We have our large hall that is well ventilated, where we have machines to measure co2 level, and where social distancing can be maintained," he said, adding that "the show will go on."

Referring to issues such as overcrowded trains and parties in Brussels parks, he said that this results in a situation where inequalities are created and some things that can be done safely are not permitted.

"This is of course also an action to demonstrate that we can reopen safely, and I invite people to come and watch and then have the debate about whether this is safe again,” De Cock said.

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