Covid vaccine: One in five eligible Walloons has received a first dose

Covid vaccine: One in five eligible Walloons has received a first dose
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Twenty percent of people in Wallonia who qualify for a vaccine against coronavirus had at least a first dose by Saturday, regional Health Minister Christie Morreale said on Sunday in a press release.

Over the just-ended one-week period, vaccination centres, hospitals and collective care institutions administered 133,000 vaccine doses, bringing the number of doses administered to 782,700 in Wallonia.

The week’s figures reflected a certain amount of mistrust for the vaccine produced by the British-Swedish company AstraZeneca, although its use in Wallonia’s vaccination campaign has been limited.

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"Of the 60,700 injections administered with this vaccine, the COVID-19 Cell has noted more or less about 10% of dropouts, covered immediately by new appointments,” added the press release.

Close to 4,000 persons also made use of the Qvax system for some 160,000 persons registered on the reservist list in Wallonia. According to Minister Morreale, all vaccination centres will be linked to the Qvax system by the end of the week.

Meanwhile, Wallonia will open its last four proximity vaccination centres in Walcourt, Philippeville, Limbourg and Bouillon. This will complete the installation of the 52 vaccination centres planned for the region.

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