Almost 3,000 entrepreneurs sign an open letter to the Consultative Committee

Almost 3,000 entrepreneurs sign an open letter to the Consultative Committee
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Nearly 3,000 Walloon entrepreneurs have signed an open letter to the Consultative Committee, which is meeting on Wednesday.

At the initiative of UWE, UCM, SNI and the Walloon chambers of commerce, which drafted the letter, they are asking for trust and to move towards an approach that is “positive rather than coercive, transversal rather than sectoral.”

Like other entrepreneurs in the country, the Walloon entrepreneurs and self-employed say they are “at the end of their rope.”

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“Since the beginning, the self-employed and companies have done everything possible to respect the rules in the hope of getting out of them and in the expectation that an effective vaccination will finally solve the problems of public health and the economy,” the letter reads.

“But instead of giving us hope and perspective, you are imposing new constraints, new requirements, new administrative tasks (such as the monthly telework declaration), without any added value.”

The entrepreneurs ask to be trusted, and ask for the “most useful and effective measures to live and work with Covid, outside of strictly coercive approaches, and without stigmatising certain sectors (businesses, restaurants, culture, schools, etc.).”

“It is necessary to accept the opening and functioning of all activities that have put in place adequate measures, linked to the specificities of the place, without other constraints, especially administrative ones,” say the entrepreneurs.

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