College of Procurators General warns against reopening terraces before 8 May
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College of Procurators General warns against reopening terraces before 8 May

Credit: Belga

The College of Prosecutors General has warned the hospitality sector to strictly follow the measures imposed by the Consultative Committee on Wednesday and not to reopen their terraces before the new relaxation date of 8 May.

It said it had taken note of the intention of some in the hospitality industry to reopen their terraces on 1 May and of the declarations of some mayors to not implement any measures to enforce the law within this framework.

“In view of the rumours circulating, we wish to give a reminder that the law has entrusted the Public Prosecutor’s Office with the task of investigating and prosecuting offences, including offences against the measures for combatting the spread of the coronavirus, and not to the administrative authorities,” a statement read. 

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The statement pointed to the guideline written up by the College at the start of the pandemic, under which traders, managers and organisers of activities in violation of the measures as set out in the Ministerial Decree “will receive a €750 in the event of a first detection.”

The College also called on the public prosecutors, the labour auditors and the police services to continue to apply this policy strictly.

“It is important that the fight against the pandemic and compliance with the measures by the entire population remain a priority in everyone’s interest. Those who clearly and deliberately violate them should expect an appropriate legal response,” said Prosecutor General Johan Delmulle, President of the College of Prosecutors General.

Lauren Walker
The Brussels Times