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Carrefour issue with double payments to be resolved

Credit: Peter Kleintjens/Google Maps

The malfunction that caused some Carrefour customers to be charged double over the weekend is now said to be due to an issue with payment processor Market Pay, a subsidiary of Carrefour, Het Laatste Nieuws reported on Wednesday.

Affected customers will be reimbursed by their bank from Wednesday and by Thursday at the latest, the retail chain said.

Carrefour first denied being responsible for the double charges customers experienced and initially blamed Worldline, and then Maestro-MasterCard.

“The incident occurred between two of Market Pay’s banking providers (Mastercard and CMCC),” the grocery store chain told Belga News Agency on Wednesday morning.

However, several stakeholders who were able to determine where the error lies confirmed to HLN that the malfunction originated from Carrefour’s subsidiary, Market Pay.

This company inadvertently sent a list with payment transactions twice to the banks, so the amounts were taken twice from the customers’ accounts, the newspaper explained.

Carrefour was not able to say how many customers were affected by the double transactions or which shops were specifically affected, but local media reported complaints from customers in the thousands.

The shoe shop chain Torfs also uses Market Pay services, and reported their customers were also charged twice.

Market Pay must now give “negative” payment instructions to Belgian banks so that double payments are reversed.

Carrefour says that all affected customers will be compensated “as soon as possible” in the next few days.

The Brussels Times