Protesters defy ban on far-right demonstrations in Liège

Protesters defy ban on far-right demonstrations in Liège
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About 100 people took part in a far-right protest on Saturday morning at the Place Saint-Lambert in Liège despite a ban on such demonstrations put in place by the mayor, the city’s police said.

On Friday, Liège Mayor Willy Demeyer banned any protests planned by the extreme right group Nation and any other counter-demonstrations, according to Belga News Agency.

“Many political organisations have requested the authority to gather while complying with the health measures as per the ministerial decree,” the Mayor’s Office said in a statement, adding that many demonstrations had received the go-ahead.

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"However, the mayor refused the organisation of demonstrations linked to the extreme right (Nation) and any other counter-demonstration,” it added.

The protests went ahead, but there were no incidents.

The far-right group had called for the rally to denounce a growing feeling of insecurity in Liège after a shooting took place there last month, according to reports from Le Soir. 

A strong police presence is scheduled throughout the weekend in Liège.

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