Belgian city moves council meeting to watch the football 

Belgian city moves council meeting to watch the football 
Credit: Donar Reiskoffer/Wikimedia Commons (CC BY-SA 3.0)

An upcoming council meeting of the Flemish city of Mechelen has been moved forward by a half-hour to allow attendees to watch Belgium play Finland in the Euro 2020.

This third group match stands to be a potentially crucial one for the Red Devils, so the decision was officially taken to bring the meeting on 21 June forward by half an hour to 7:30 PM.

“In order to prevent all the cameras during the online council meeting from turning off at 9:00 PM, we thought it would be a good idea to bring the meeting forward by one hour. That way, we can be sure that everyone stays focused,” explained municipal council chairwoman Fabienne Blavier.

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Since it is a public meeting, the city council was required to make its decision and reasoning public. The proposal was brought launched by N-VA party leader Marc Hendrickx, but the support is widely held.

“Now we hope that we have not brought our meeting forward for nothing,” the council said in unison.

Belgium’s first match of the group stage will be held against Russia on 12 June. It will then be followed by a game against Denmark on 17 June.

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