Port of Antwerp to invest €40 million in bicycle paths

Port of Antwerp to invest €40 million in bicycle paths
Photo from Port of Antwerp

The Port of Antwerp will be investing over €40 million into the creation of bicycle paths over the next 10 years as part of an effort to have a free-flowing asphalt cycle path leading to every company within the port.

“With this investment, we are going the extra mile in our efforts to encourage cycling to and from work in the port,” said Port alderman Annick De Ridder in a press release.

“Our aim is clear: the number of cyclists in the port must continue to increase in a responsible manner.”

Cycling has been on the rise in Flanders (as well as in Brussels and Wallonia), so much so that the Belgian railway company SNCB is likewise investing in changes aimed at making it easier for passengers to bring their bikes on the train.

“The bicycle is becoming increasingly important in commuter traffic in the port,” the Port’s press release said.

“More and more employees in the Port of Antwerp are cycling to work. Port of Antwerp has set up a number of initiatives to make the port more accessible to cyclists, such as the Fietsbus and DeWaterbus. In addition, many employees can lease a reliable electric bicycle from their employer.”

Bicycle leases are becoming increasingly common in Belgium, and cycling commuter allowances also incentivise employees to ditch their car.

Port of Antwerp already has over 200 kilometres of cycling paths, which they’ve now inventoried and analysed as part of their greater plan to improve the network.

In order to have safe, comfortable bike paths connecting companies within the port, they’ll be launching 115 projects in the next decade.

The Port of Antwerp has also already begun revamping its existing bike paths in an effort to improve safety, especially when it comes to crossings.

“The investments in the master plan are part of an overall approach that makes cycling a fully-fledged option for commuting in the port,” according to the Port of Antwerp.

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