New coronavirus test centres opened at two Belgian airports

New coronavirus test centres opened at two Belgian airports
Credit: Belga

Two new coronavirus test centres have opened at Antwerp and Ostend-Bruges International Airports on Monday to relieve the test centres in the cities from the pressure of travellers this summer.

The test centres, where PCR tests will be carried out, are operated by Eurofins and Spoedtestcorona and will be open to everyone, according to press releases from both airports in Flanders. 

“Our airport expects about 25,000 passengers during the summer holidays, and for that reason, we would like to have sufficient test capacity available for our passengers,” CEO of both airports, Eric Dumas, said.

“But not only our passengers can be tested at the test centre. Anyone who needs a test can do so at the airport. In this way, we also want to relieve the pressure on the test centres in the city of Antwerp,” he added.

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At a later stage, Eurofins and Spoedcorona will look to start conducting antigen tests at the test centre as well as PCR tests.

As of last Saturday, people in Belgium who have not yet had the chance to be fully vaccinated can request up to two free PCR tests from the Belgian government.

The codes are available to anyone living in Belgium (according to the data in the National Register) who has not yet had the opportunity to be fully vaccinated, starting from the age of 6, but only if they have not yet been invited for vaccination, or have not yet been fully vaccinated.

People have been urged not to rush to get their request for a test code, as it is only valid for ten days, meaning that applying for codes now to use them later may see people lose them.

Find out how to apply for a code to get a free test here. 

Wallonia’s new vaccination locations

Meanwhile, in Wallonia, where 72% of adults has been partly vaccinated, two new “vaccination operations” at the stadiums of Standard de Liège and Sporting de Charleroi will be opened in July with the aim to (partly) vaccinate as many new people as possible at the start of the summer holidays.

The location at Standard de Liège will be opened during the week of 5 to 10 July, focusing on people living in Liège, and the second location will open its doors from 11 to 17 July for residents of the greater Charleroi area.

Both Pfizer and Johnson & Johnson (for people aged 41 and over) coronavirus vaccines will be administered at these locations.

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